Capri was created in search of the most carbon-friendly way to build a medium-sized website with mostly static content.

When looking a different rendering patterns, static site generation (SSG) is clearly the most resource efficient one, as computation only happens when the content is updated. And since all the HTML is already rendered, the processing required on the client is also reduced to a minimum.

We could do it like and call it a day, but let's set some realistic constraints:

  • Use a component-based workflow
  • Use modern frontend tooling
  • Selectively add interactivity
  • Manage content via a CMS
  • Get live previews while editing
  • Use a green hosting provider

This translates to the following technical requirements:

  • Build the site using React (or rather Preact) components from the ground up.
  • Render the components as static HTML during build time.
  • Only ship the JavaScript code that is needed for the interactive parts.
  • Generate a static SPA for preview purposes next to the static pages.
  • Don't require a Node.js server (or serverless functions / workers) for serving the site.

We looked closely at the various existing approaches, but found none that met all of the above requirements without any hacks or workarounds. This is why we started Capri.

By the way, the carbon footprint of this site turned out pretty well.

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