Why Capri

📒 With Capri, you can build a static website as if it was a single page app. There are no new APIs or patterns to learn. If you know how to build an SPA in your framework of choice, you already know everything it takes.

🔓 No lock-in. When adopting a new tool, there is always a risk that it will be abandoned and no longer maintained. A Capri site does not contain any Capri-specific code at all. If you remove the Capri plugin from your Vite config, you end up with a fully functional application, albeit no longer static.

🌴 With new tools, it often takes years for an ecosystem to develop around them, if this happens at all. This is different with Capri, as it allows you to use the ecosystem of your favorite framework directly, without any detours.

đŸĒĢ Many tools and meta-frameworks today come with batteries included. While this is very convenient for the user, it often makes it difficult, if not impossible, to break new ground.

⚡ī¸ In contrast to SPAs or hybrid websites, Capri ships zero KB of JavaScript to the browser by default. Not only does this make Capri sites super fast, but it also results in a smaller carbon footprint.

🏝 If parts of your site need to be interactive, you turn them into islands by simply naming your components *.island.(tsx|vue|svelte).

🔮 The big advantage of this approach is that you get an SPA version of your site for free! Why would you want that? It allows you to get instant live previews of any content edits you make, right inside your headless CMS.

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