Storyblok is a headless, API-based CMS as a service.

When used with Capri, you get a completely static site that does not need a Node server and can be deployed to any static hosting service, including S3, GitHub Pages, surge or Firebase Hosting.

We've converted the original Vue example project from Nuxt.js to Capri. The source code for this port is on GitHub.

Follow this recipe to create your own fork and deploy it to Netlify:

  1. Register at Storyblok.
  2. Create a new DEMO Space.
  3. Go to Setttings > Access Tokens and copy the preview token
  4. Hit the deploy button and paste your token:

    Deploy to

  5. Watch the build output and copy the preview URL
  6. Open and go to Settings > Visual Editor
  7. Add the Netlify URL from the log as new preview URL
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